Top 10 Things About Working at Creative Noggin, a virtual agency

By Tracy Marlowe on August 10th, 2015

bunny slippers 210) Can’t beat the commute: bed -> desk in 30 seconds flat.

9) No meetings today? Dress code = jammies!

8) High heels = bad. Bare feet = good!

7) You won’t gain the dreaded Office 15. (If there are breakfast tacos in your kitchen, you have only yourself to blame.)

6) Lunch break = a nap, a shower or watching your favorite soap

5) Go ahead and blast your tunes — no one will judge your taste in music. (Except maybe your cat. But your cat was already silently judging you.)

4) And don’t worry about disturbing your cubicle-mate. Oh, wait, WE HAVE NO CUBICLES! Your desk, your office, your way.

3) Need to talk? Everyone is just an IM, call or email away. (Working from home is not as lonely as it sounds.)

2) Collaborating with a team who is close like family. (Well, family that you actually like.)

1) Being able to enjoy all of the benefits above, while cranking out strategic, award-winning work for the best clients around.

 – Kim and Brooke collaborated on this list (See? Collaborators don’t need to be in the same space.)