Five Key Elements to Good SEO

Tracy Marlowe  |  April 20, 2009
With Internet Marketing getting everyone buzzing these days, a term that gets thrown around quite a bit is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  You'll see it in business articles, in blogs, hear about it in coffee shops and from your Bluehat Marketing partners. I've spent the last year really delving deep into the world of SEO, […]

Social Media and Marketing 101 for Business--What you need to know to get started

Tracy Marlowe  |  April 14, 2009
I just realized the other day that, while I've been steamrolling ahead, embracing social media and marketing, learning all that I can and putting those learnings into practice for our clients, a great deal of the business world is still at square one. At a meeting last week, a client asked "I've been hearing about this […]

Five Guiding Principles for Marketers in an Economic Downturn

Tracy Marlowe  |  April 9, 2009
It's interesting in this economic downturn to hear the words of wisdom that so many are spouting.  Although, we're finding that it can be hard to know who to really trust since this is a time unlike any we have known in our history.  Marketing guru Mike Linton, a multi-disciplinary, multi-industry CMO who has worked […]

How to use Social Media for Marketing--Tactfully!

Tracy Marlowe  |  April 6, 2009
Chris Brogan, oh guru of social marketing, has posted a great article about how to utilize the social mediasphere to promote your business to your target market without alienating yourself at the same time.  There's a delicate balance that must be established. A foundation of trust that must be first laid out.  Then carefully sharing ideas […]

What's your website's Alexa ranking?

Tracy Marlowe  |  March 11, 2009
Ever wondered where your website stands in comparison to your competition?  It's fairly easy to find out.  Just go to the website  Alexa provides website information--the most informative being what your website's ranking is on the WWW.  Just enter your website address into the search field at the top and, presto, the search results […]

San Antonio Social Media Breakfast

Tracy Marlowe  |  February 18, 2009
This morning I attended the second monthly Social Media Breakfast, hosted this time by Apple Annie's Tea Room.  I am so glad that my friend Colleen Pence turned me on to these breakfasts.  What an amazing group of people!  I was really blown away by the collective intelligence in that room.  It included a wealth […]

Branding as we know it is not dead

Tracy Marlowe  |  February 16, 2009
Yes, I know that I just finished going on and on about the shift away from traditional advertising and branding to a more direct and engaged approach through inbound Internet marketing.  And I haven't changed my mind! The point is, though, that although we are beginning to see an wider integration of internet marketing as […]

The Evolution of Marketing in San Antonio

Tracy Marlowe  |  February 13, 2009
"...clients are really looking for creative ways to engage their customers. The days of soley traditional branding campaigns seem to be a thing of the past."

Cameron-Brooks' new Facebook Page

Tracy Marlowe  |  February 5, 2009
One of our favorite clients, Cameron-Brooks, has just launched a new business page on Facebook.  We developed this page for them to help them to better connect with their market, the Junior Military Officer looking to transition to Corporate America.  Cameron-Brooks has truly embraced social marketing and understands the power of reaching out to your […]
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