When we first met with Cameron-Brooks, a military-to-corporate recruiter based in Fredericksburg, Texas, almost 100% of their business came from referrals. Despite an educated, twenty-something target market, Cameron-Brooks wasn’t getting any business from online marketing efforts.

The bulk of their outreach was through costly direct mail, or in-person base visits. As we entered the recession and officers began staying in the military for a sense of security, they saw a reduction in quality job candidates and needed to make certain they were reaching all prospects through multiple channels.


We quickly identified that Cameron-Brooks competitors, although significantly larger, were far behind in terms of developing good website content and search engine optimizing themselves to be found by Junior Military Officers who were considering leaving the military.

We knew it was time to strike while the iron was hot, so went to work developing a highly optimized and “sticky” website (meaning the content kept people on the site longer), engaging Facebook presence, a content-rich blog and a number of opportunities to capture prospects once they interacted with the site, with Webcasts, Career Tips, an online educational forum, Personalized Marketability Assessment, etc.

We also played up the unique selling proposition of Cameron-Brooks, in terms of their vast experience, deep corporate relationships with Fortune 500 companies as well as their ability to best prepare a candidate to meet, interview and perform with the cream of the crop companies.


Cameron-Brooks web traffic went up immensely and, even better yet, they began to convert that traffic into prospective candidates. Now, more than 50% of their candidates come to them through their website.