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Is your current brand and marketing program really working?

We can help you figure that out. Give us 30 minutes to show you how.

3 Steps to Marketing Clarity in 2024

30-minute call

30-Minute Call

We’ll discuss your business, the project, our strengths and together determine whether we’re a great fit.

Brand Audit

Brand & Marketing Audit

Our veteran marketers will identify what is and isn’t working for your unique brand.

Moving forward with plan

A Plan for Moving Forward

You'll have a clear plan with marketing priorities that you can execute yourself or our agency can help.

Could your brand and marketing be more effective and efficient?

Your company has grown and changed. So have your target audience, industry and competitors.

But has your marketing kept up?

Sure, you make changes here and there. You reallocate your budget, add some new tactics, try the latest trends...

But with so many pieces—and without a cohesive master plan—you’re not sure it is all working together. Is there anything you could prioritize for a bigger impact?

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Our Clients

You’re beginning to wonder:

Should we be spending more?

Are we spending too much?

Are we wasting money anywhere?

Are we reaching the right people?

Are we saying the right thing?

Is everything working together?

What is the priority and where should we focus our efforts?

The good news is that it’s not too late to build an efficient and effective marketing program. Get a clear picture of where you are currently & where you SHOULD be.

A comprehensive Brand & Marketing Audit will explore:

Marketing Analysis

What is and isn’t working

Brand identity, content, paid ads, SEO, website, email, social media and beyond: You oversee so many different marketing elements that it can be hard to say what is currently driving results. We’ll identify your highest- and lowest-performing tactics.


New opportunities

Are your competitors engaging your audience more effectively than you are? Could you more easily capture customers from them through a cutting-edge tactic? Or new messaging? Taking into account your unique brand, market, and goals, we’ll identify powerful new marketing opportunities.

Top Priorities


What shortfalls need to be addressed immediately? Is there low-hanging fruit to pursue? Not everything can be a number one priority. We’ll help you decide what should be.

You’ll walk away with a comprehensive data-backed plan to help you efficiently drive more growth with your marketing.

Creative Noggin is our most trusted partner. The team has a unique ability to comprehend the market dynamics of our industry and synthesize this into a comprehensive and effective brand strategy that gets results.

Chuck Alvarez
President at Cameron-Brooks

Creative Noggin ‘gets’ it. These seasoned professionals understand our context, our audiences, and our opportunities. They partner with us to tell our story in the best, most strategic and creative ways. They are a joy to work with.

Paul Chapman
Chief Operating Officer at Pre-K 4 SA

This agency is amazing! Their team works hard to get to know your organization to ensure they are creating and building designs, concepts, campaigns and more that are truly your brand.

Chelsea Maldonado
Director of Marketing at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

Creative Noggin ‘gets’ it. These seasoned professionals understand our context, our audiences, and our opportunities. They partner with us to tell our story in the best, most strategic and creative ways. They are a joy to work with.

Brian Cisarik
President at SurePoint Self Storage

Why We Created the Brand Audit

If there‘s one thing we’ve learned after over 20 years of building authentic, evocative and successful brands and marketing programs for our clients, it’s that successful brands aren’t built by accident. They’re master-planned.

We know that as businesses grow it can be hard to ensure your marketing investments continue to efficiently and effectively achieve your goals.

We designed our Brand Audit to help marketing leaders recalibrate their marketing tactics. That way, they can be confident knowing that they’re focusing on what will actually bring their organization the most success.

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Ready for clarity on how your brand and marketing could better propel your success?

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call to discuss your brand health, current marketing program and growth goals.

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