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Creative Noggin is a boutique branding, marketing and communications agency. Having operated 100% virtually since 2001, we have been able to attract and retain a stellar team of extraordinary talent.

Our work has been recognized with awards and media accolades.  But our biggest kudos is the continued loyalty of our long-term clients. 

We’re agile and ahead of the curve. So are our clients.

What makes us different?

Get an expansion of your own team

Have you debated whether to hire an agency or simply hire more marketers in-house? Our goal is to serve as an extension of your existing marketing department, whether you have an internal team of 1 or 100. We want you to feel as if we are simply a part of your team, not a vendor. We delve deep into your business so you don’t miss a beat. We will help guide strategy and be a sounding board you can trust to look out for your best interests. Collaboration and mutual respect are the foundation of our working relationship.

Get experienced marketing strategy blended with creative gusto

While many agencies skew either very creative or very strategic, depending upon the background of their founders, Creative Noggin was built on a balance of left and right brain thinking. In other words, ours is a culture that emphasizes strategy while embracing creativity. This attitude makes its way into every team member and every project, resulting in Real Branding™ for every client.

Get a valuable philosophy, not a valuable office space.

Creative Noggin has been 100% virtual since our beginning in 2001— before virtual was cool. We believe that if you empower talented people to do the work they love and leverage technology to keep them connected and communicating as a team, you don’t need an office. All you need are unique ideas coming from great minds, collaborating together. Almost 20 years later, we are still turning heads while operating under the same collaborative and innovative philosophy.

Get access to the marketing dream team.

Because of our virtual nature, we only hire people we know will get the work done while working remotely— typically seasoned professionals who have earned their stripes with impressive resumes and a bevy of outstanding references. As a result, you have a team of experienced marketing veterans working on your brand. Always.


Tracy Marlowe


Tracy is passionate about creating an emotional experience for customers and stakeholders to deeply instill a strong relationship with her clients’ brands. She is very adept at identifying brand strengths and weaknesses, unearthing opportunities for brand growth and building a solid platform for the advanced development of brand identity.

Tracy heads up the strategic planning and research for clients as well as serving as the unofficial “branding police.” Her dynamic sense of marketing intuition combined with over 20 years of expertise marketing successful brands ensure that your project will run smoothly, on time and on budget with a successful outcome.

Tracy came to Creative Noggin with a vast array of agency experience, including working as V.P. of Marketing and Account Services supervising accounts such as Exxon Mobile and the U.S. Air Force. She has worked with clients large and small and helped to translate their visions into bottom-line results. Her clients look to her for advice on annual brand planning, as well as how to address unique obstacles in their marketing planning and execution.

Trish Rawls

Chief Creative Officer/Founder

Trish has been called a renaissance woman by colleagues in the field of advertising. Her creative toolbox includes brand conception and design; copywriting and content creation; photography and video; and a strong ability to think strategically —  an unusual combination of characteristics in one creative professional. With over 30 years of industry experience, Trish is comfortable with every facet of the business from initial strategy work to print production and social media. She sees the “big picture” and keeps it pinned up in her brain during the entire creative process.

She has won several industry awards for her creative work, but if asked would rather talk about client success. And although she credits great results to strategic planning and the ability to remain agile, her passion remains in the art of storytelling. She has worked on accounts of every size, from small mom-and-pops to non-profit organizations and mid-large corporations.

She founded Creative Noggin on the premise that what really matters in great marketing is the brains behind it — not the square footage of an office or the number of agency personnel around the conference room table.

Terri Angelico

Brand Strategist

Instead of taking an entire page to explain Terri’s credentials, let’s just assume that anything you would need to know or have experienced in advertising and marketing, Terri knows it, has done it, and has perfected it. Any size budget, she’s handled it. Any size plan, she’s orchestrated it. Her B.S. in advertising means she doesn’t put up with the “BS” in advertising. Terri brings over 25 years of experience working at San Antonio’s top agencies to the clients of Creative Noggin. Not only is she an avid brand steward, she is extremely detail-oriented and — while totally unrelated — can beat just about anyone in a game of horseshoes.

Amanda Davila

Brand Strategist

Amanda happens to be a Certified Purpose Coach, as well as a Brand Strategist — so rest assured, whatever problems you may have as a client, or on an account, she can get you on the right path! Amanda began her marketing career in the healthcare industry, quickly rising to become Marketing & Communications Director. (Which speaks volumes of her abilities.) Before landing at Creative Noggin, Amanda worked full-time and traveled the world hitting Asia, Europe and South America as part of a remote year. Now that she’s found her niche in agency life, she’s bringing that drive and daily purpose to our clients. Off-hours you may find her enjoying a Luann platter at Luby’s, playing Yahtzee and/or watching Wheel of Fortune. Yes, she’s a rare millennial with an old soul.

Jill Byrd

Senior Public Relations Account Supervisor

Jill is a seasoned public relations professional. Having worked in agency, corporate and non-profit environments across a variety of industries (think: financial, hospitality, energy, healthcare, transportation and academia) she understands what it takes to develop a strategic and comprehensive communications plan that will impact business objectives. But above any plan, it takes focus, tenacity and persistence to execute. And lucky for us — and our clients, Jill has those qualities in spades. Jill employs a mix of communication channels to execute her plans and influence stakeholder engagement, including: local, national and trade media, social media and grassroots outreach. When Jill’s not affecting change or motivating action for Creative Noggin’s clients, she’s playing sports mom, or alternately, arts mom to her two sons. Jill is from Illinois (where she met her husband) and she enjoys running, cooking and her church family.

Anel Hooper

Media Planner/Buyer

Sometimes timing is a blessing. We just happened to be looking for a media buyer when one of San Antonio’s most respected agencies closed its doors. Anel brings to Creative Noggin a power-packed background of media savvy, having worked with numerous national ad agencies and international clients for over 20 years. She not only knows print inside and out, but is completely versed in the latest technologies of outdoor, broadcast, and interactive media. A master negotiator, she’s earned the nickname “Added Value Anel.” She’s a self-proclaimed craft project wannabe, a former “cheer mom” and an avid runner. But forget marathons. After just one she said, “I like to run. Not suffer.” Smart cookie. We’ll keep ‘er.

Nicole Lariosa

Senior Digital Art Director and Strategist

With digital marketing prowess becoming as important to creative teams today as ping-pong tables were in the early ‘90s, Nicole is one of our MVPs. Not only does she have 20 years of prior print design, she has the added bonus of gen-u-ine interactive curiosity. A true team player. Quick on her feet. A voracious learner. And not afraid to “get into the weeds” with whatever is thrown at her. In fact, her eye for detail, production knowledge and ability to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve may just make her one-of-a-kind. (BAM!) When she’s not drinking out of a fire hose, she’s horsing around with her adorable Border Collies. Or singing Elvis tunes. She’s visited Graceland four times and even walked down the aisle to “It’s Now or Never.” Shoot — if only we had an actual office, we could broadcast “Nicole has left the building!” every night.

Kim Hubbeling

Senior Production Artist / Print Production Guru

This self-inflicted perfectionist and amazing musician claims to have “fallen into” design through dabbling in poster design for bands. But her colleagues suspect some serious training given the quality of her work. Her attention to detail, ability to problem-solve and her ease with technical issues make her a perfect fit for production. She has over 20 years of industry experience with printers, publishers, ad agencies, design firms and three years of running her own successful freelance business. No piece of print material leaves Creative Noggin without the “Kim stamp of approval.” If she’s not tweaking colors by one-half a percent, she’s spending time with her husband, performing music, cooking, gardening, traveling or working on their historic home. Oh, yeah, and did we mention she’s awesome?

Erica Mendez

Brand Manager

Erica is our behind-the-scenes-wind-beneath-our-wings for a number of our clients. While she’s happy to let other people take the spotlight, she’s busy making sure everything falls in place. Erica began her professional journey at San Antonio Express-News as a Marketing Assistant. Then moved to a local marketing agency before taking an exciting leap to South Korea as an ESL instructor. After her international teaching and travel journey came to an end, she came back to Texas to continue her passion for branding and marketing with Creative Noggin. Whether she’s managing schedules, setting up meetings, overseeing timelines, or providing internal feedback. Erica handles it all with aplomb. If it’s not working hours, you might find Erica at the latest horror movie, curled up with a Neil Gaiman book, or out seeing what Texas has to offer for Asian culture aficionados.

Sara Yeager

Brand Manager

Sara Yeager likes to do things her own way, thank you very much. While some people relocate to New York City for job opportunities, Sara moved from the Big Apple to San Antonio for her career and family pursuits. And we couldn’t be happier that she did! With over 20 years of marketing experience, specifically in account and project management, Sara is a proven strategic thinker and problem solver. Whether it’s juggling timelines, tracking budgets or communicating with the team and clients—Sara’s a pro. In fact, here at Creative Noggin, we like to think of her as our very own personal Swiss Army Knife—whatever you need, Sara’s got it!

When she isn’t on the clock, you can find her hanging out with her geography professor husband and two little ones. On weekends, the family enjoys exploring trails and hiking around San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. Whether at work or at play, Sara is a go-getter—and we’re so glad we got-her!

Extended Team

In addition to our core team, Creative Noggin works with an extensive stable of talent all over the country with a range of expertise. When asked, “How many people do you have on staff?” our answer is very fluid. Depending upon the needs of our business, we may have anywhere from ten to thirty+ people on payroll from month to month. Our unique business model allows us to tailor the perfect creative team for your business, rather than just using whoever is on staff and has the bandwidth at the time. Also, since we have very low overhead, we are able to employ senior-level talent with an average of 15+ years of experience. We work with the best in the business—which means you can, too!


While we focus our efforts on attracting buzz for our clients, we occasionally get some for ourself, too.
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