Real Branding™

In a day and age when consumers are marketing weary, estimated to see between 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day in 2021, it is imperative that your company’s brand stand out from the clutter.
Consumers are intuitively averse to marketing messages that feel crafted to lure them. Brands that are positioned to attract customers with marketing tactics constructed around consumer research (what they think the customer wants) but not emanating from a deeper dive into the brand’s true identity are destined to fail.
Creative Noggin is passionate about branding and has been dedicated to Real Branding™ since we opened our virtual “doors” in 2001. We know that it is imperative that we dig deep to understand what is inherently real about your company and your position within your industry. 
What can you promise—and deliver upon—that no other organization can?
We know that brands who are a true and authentic representation of the internal core and persona of a company will evocatively connect with and retain customers—the right customers—and that it is also critical that the creative execution of your brand must be based upon a well-researched brand platform to ensure success.
So many clients want to “just design a brand.” But to guarantee our—and your—success, we believe doing our homework first is key to that success.

Our Real Branding™ Process



your unique selling proposition, purpose, culture and market.


your brand platform, promise, personality, tone and voice.


your positioning, messaging content, communications and marketing/media plans.


your brand’s essence, visual identity and emotional experience.


with your audience by listening, communicating, managing and deploying.


your marketing dollars by setting KPIs, monitoring, analyzing, strategizing and adjusting.
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