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Become part of the Creative Noggin team.

Creative Noggin is the perfect place to explore your potential, obliterate boundaries and push beyond the edges of your existing situation.

We look for people who can grow, think, dream and create. Our culture thrives by embracing veteran talent and rewarding passion and imagination.

* There aren’t any full-time openings currently, but we’re calling all freelance copywriters, designers, public relations practitioners: We are always looking for talent! Send us your resumes.


  • Work from home!
  • Full benefit package: health insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits, holidays, PTO
  • All employees are eligible to receive quarterly bonuses based upon stated business goals
  • Friendly, fun and flexible work environment with a team of awesome people

Mission and values

  • Always work in the best interest of the client and employees
  • Operate with highest integrity
  • Each individual, whether employee or contractor, has accountability; none of the “but that’s his job;” we should all strive toward the same positive end
  • Constantly seek to enrich ourselves with the latest knowledge for the betterment of ourselves and for our clients
  • We seek to create a team of people who share our passion for great work and the utmost in service for our clients
  • Always treat others with mutual respect whether it be colleagues, clients or vendors
  • Maintain a continually collaborative environment; everyone’s opinion matters; we’re all working toward the same end
  • Maintain balance between work and home; work hard and play hard; do the best work we can and then leave it at work

Thoughts from our team

I have been blessed with many jobs in my 20+ work experience but I must say working at CNOG has blessed me with the opportunity to work and yet be there for when my girls come home from a long day at school. I can start dinner during my afternoon break, be able to make a PTA meeting knowing that I can make up my time later that evening, if need be. So to sum it up, CNOG is the most amazing blessing I can ever ask for. I love to be able to keep my priorities straight without neglecting my work ethics. Not to mention the smart, caring and lovely ladies I work with. CNOG ‘til death do us part!

-Nanette Rodriguez

Creative Noggin combines everything I loved about working at a traditional agency and erases all the stuff I hated. It’s a concentrated team of professionals totally dedicated to creating work that gets the client results. None of the prima donna attitudes. No commute. We aren’t cookie cutter. We’re carving a new path as we go and allow everyone to help sculpt the company’s — and their own—success.

-Trish Rawls

One thing I love most about working at Creative Noggin is that when you work from home you are able to structure your work environment to specially cater to you. You are able to setup your desk, files, etc. in a way that helps you succeed each work day. I think work environment is so crucial to company success and I like having the freedom to be able to make mine work for me. (My work environment includes a cat that loves to lounge on my desk and type on the keyboard.)

-Brooke Haley

I absolutely love working at Creative Noggin. We have a fun, smart team and truly wonderful clients who let us do really, really great work for them.  And working from home is amazing.  I don’t have a commute to and from work every day which saves gas and time. My bathroom is always clean.  I get to eat whenever I want and don’t have to worry about someone stealing my food from the fridge. My dog sleeps under my desk when I’m working. I’m home when my kids get home from school. And best of all, I don’t have to “dress for work” every single day.  Bottom line – life is good!

-Terri Angelico

Top 10 Things About Working at Creative Noggin, a virtual agency

10) Can’t beat the commute: bed -> desk in 30 seconds flat.

9) No meetings today? Dress code = jammies!

8) High heels = bad. Bare feet = good!

7) You won’t gain the dreaded Office 15. (If there are breakfast tacos in your kitchen, you have only yourself to blame.)

6) Lunch break = a nap, a shower or watching your favorite soap

5) Go ahead and blast your tunes — no one will judge your taste in music. (Except maybe your cat. But your cat was already silently judging you.)

4) And don’t worry about disturbing your cubicle-mate. Oh, wait, WE HAVE NO CUBICLES! Your desk, your office, your way.

3) Need to talk? Everyone is just an IM, call or email away. (Working from home is not as lonely as it sounds.)

2) Collaborating with a team who is close like family. (Well, family that you actually like.)

1) Being able to enjoy all of the benefits above, while cranking out strategic, award-winning work for the best clients around.

 – Kim and Brooke collaborated on this list (See? Collaborators don’t need to be in the same space.)

Is a great new career in the cards for you?