Picking a marketing partner is a big decision. We are a virtual agency, which may not be for everyone, but there are key advantages which have led our growing client list to choose something different than the traditional agency relationship.

Sound Marketing Strategy
Blended with Creative Gusto

Generally speaking, agencies led by account service professionals tend to struggle creatively, and agencies led by creative professionals tend to lack strategic vision. Creative Noggin not only brings a strong balance of both strategy and creativity, but Tracy Marlowe, the “strategy leader,” continually pushes for great creative. And Trish Rawls, the “creative leader,” can’t even begin the creative process without a strong strategic foundation.

Veteran Talent

Not only do the agency owners bring over 40 years of experience to their clients, but because Creative Noggin operates 100% virtually, we hire and contract only veteran advertising and marketing talent. This includes account executives, production artists, traffic managers, writers, designers, media planners, research consultants, social media and public relations professionals. We simply don’t have the set up to train, monitor and nurture unproven talent. We also find that the most experienced advertising professionals don’t work for large agencies—they work for themselves. Our network of top-notch veterans ensures we will hand select a dream-team to work on your projects.

Running Lean Means More Value

Our business model utilizes a limited staff of full-time employees. This allows us flexibility to contract from a pool of veteran freelance talent in order to shape the perfect teams for our unique client mixture—and compensate only when there is work to be done.

Virtual Makes Everyone Happy

We work completely virtually, so we don’t incur the overhead costs involved with a traditional office lease. While we’re not the cheapest marketing choice, this keeps us from being the most expensive. Our workers love the commute, too!

Responsive Service. Nimble Processes.

Our principals are incredibly zealous about responsive service. When they first joined forces, they made a commitment to always provide prompt service and keep projects moving without the cumbersome internal processes they’d both experienced at traditional agencies. The entire team is constantly communicating and tracking projects using the latest software and online tools so everyone stays on the same page — including our clients.

We’re all about measuring results. Not square footage.