So what is a virtual agency?

Simply put, a virtual advertising agency is pretty much like a traditional ad agency without the confines of traditional office walls. We all work from home offices and are in constant communication, connected virtually the entire workday. This allows us to keep our costs focused on our clients instead of on a receptionist, building rent, fancy conference room, furniture, office equipment, etc.

We share files, collaborate remotely and always meet clients in their conference rooms, which they prefer anyway. This type of work environment is not for everyone, so we carefully select people that are already seasoned, self-disciplined, organized and great time managers.

Within our online systems, a client can go online to check or discuss the status of any project, view and download current or prior versions of any on-going projects, approve estimates, view invoices, search archives and so much more.

This business model allows us a great deal of flexibility that translates into outstanding work and exceptional service that our clients love.

For a more in-depth article about our Virtual Agency, read “What is a virtual advertising agency anyway?

We work so collaboratively, we share everything. Except a front door.