Branding & Rebranding

Your brand is the core of everything you do.

Only entrust it with experts.

Developing and stewarding authentic brands is Creative Noggin’s specialty and passion. We dig deep to understand what drives and differentiates you using our Real Branding™ process.

Then, we bring your authentic brand to life and help you share it with the world.

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Clients whose brands we have stewarded.

Seasoned Branding Experts

With over 20 years of experience guiding small and large brands alike, our team is the go-to choice when our clients need branding support.

We have the expertise and a proven process to ensure your brand will resonate with and evoke an emotional connection with your audiences.

We’ve developed new brands. Reimagined old brands. And stewarded many well established brands.

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In Our Clients’ Words

Branding Work Makes Us Smile

Branding Service Offerings


Market Research

U.S. companies spend hundreds of billions of dollars on advertising each year. Without a deep understanding of audiences’ thoughts and behaviors, these funds are often wasted. Our in-depth market research helps you ensure that your campaigns resonate with your audiences. They can also establish benchmarks and show how your marketing awareness and perceptions evolve over time.

Let’s Talk Research

Our market research services include:

  • Quantitative analysis (data collection and examination)
  • Qualitative analysis (exploration of ideas and experiences)
  • Brand research
  • Consumer awareness and perception studies
  • Focus groups
  • Competitive analysis
Brand Platform

Brand Platform Development

Your Brand Platform is the foundation for a consistent, well-differentiated brand. It defines the core essence of your brand that must shine through consistently in your marketing efforts. We’ll craft your comprehensive Brand Platform as part of our Real Branding™ methodology.

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Your Brand Platform will establish your:

  • Brand Promise
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Voice

Naming Strategies

What’s in a name? As your audience’s very first introduction to your brand, a well-crafted name is everything. Your name impacts your brand’s memorability, differentiation, and emotional appeal. If you’re seeking the perfect name for your company, product, or service, we can help you discover it.

Let’s Talk Naming

Our naming process includes:

  • Market research
  • Consideration of your positioning and Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Domain/URL research and recommendations
  • US Patent and Trademark Office research* 

*We do not provide trademark registration services or intellectual property guidance. If you seek to register your name and/or creative assets, we recommend legal counsel.

Visual Identity

Your visual identity consists of all the visible elements of your brand. It communicates your identity and values. The right visual identity resonates with your target audience and is true to your brand in the modern day—not just your brand ten years ago.

Does your current visual identity meet these essential requirements? If not, we’ll refresh, expand upon, or completely recreate your brand’s visual identity to make certain it reflects who you are and resonates with your markets.

Let’s Talk Branding

Your visual identity will include:

  • Logo
  • Tagline/Slogan
  • Color Palette
  • Fonts/Typography
  • Photography and Videography style
  • Illustration style
  • Graphic elements and patterns

Brand Standards & Style Guides

After we unearth your authentic brand, how will you maintain and protect it? This is where Brand Standards and Style Guides come in. These outline your brand platform and visual guidelines, ensuring your future marketing efforts remain on-brand.

Let’s Talk Branding

Brand Standards and Style Guides are customized to the needs of the client but will typically include:

  • Logo Usage
  • Color Palette Usage
  • Typography
  • Photography Style
  • Illustrations
  • Graphic Elements and Patterns
  • Brand Platform
  • Key Messaging
Everything you need from one passionate team.

Nowadays, some companies choose to work with one agency for creative, and another for media buying, and another for social media... the list goes on.

Most of our clients have gained a more holistic and effective strategy by leveraging one agency for all of their marketing. That way, all the parts and pieces of their marketing program work seamlessly together.

As a truly one-stop shop, we do it all.

Let’s Talk Branding

We handle:

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Research – Which media does your market consume the most?

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Strategy and planning – Which mediums are most effective?

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Evaluation – What will be most efficient for your budget?

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Creative – What message, visuals, and platform will be the most persuasive?

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Media management – What is working and how can we optimize?

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Reconciliation and reporting – What were the results and how can we learn and improve?

One Aligned Agency

We’ll relentlessly pursue your goals
from all angles as one aligned agency.

An Agency on a Mission

Creative Noggin is women-owned and women-led
and our powerhouse team is on a mission to empower and impact as many women as possible. 

We are also incredibly tuned in to the power of women consumers. Did you know that women’s spending power is around $31 trillion? That’s more than all of India and China combined. Over 80% of purchase decisions are made or influenced by women. Yet only 35% of creative advertising directors in the U.S. are women. And the majority of brands balance their media and advertising emphasis equally between men and women.

Is your brand optimizing your marketing
strategy to capitalize on the influence of women? We can help.

Better marketing is possible.

Book a Strategy Call to learn how.

We’ll discuss your organization, our strengths and together determine whether we could be a great fit.

Locations in San Antonio and Sacramento. Serving clients nationwide.

Creative Noggin is a full-service marketing and advertising agency headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and serves clients in Texas, California, and beyond. We opened our West Coast office in Sacramento, California in 2022. Our team members are located in San Antonio, Sacramento, and across the United States.

We are experienced with and ready to serve all types of organizations, including:

  • B2B and B2C businesses
  • Nonprofits and charitable organizations
  • Healthcare systems and practices
  • Local, county, and statewide government initiatives
  • Travel and tourism destinations
  • Attractions, lodging, and resorts
  • Real estate, including residential, luxury, commercial, and multifamily developments
  • Education, including early childhood, public, private, and charter as well as workforce development and higher education
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