Outsourced Marketing Department

A number of our loyal clients considered hiring marketing talent in-house to help support them in their marketing efforts. Many faced the question, “What skills do I hire for?”
A marketing strategist who can guide our strategy?
A digital guru who can help us with our website and social media?
A writer who can help us write strong content?
A graphic designer who can create ads, design flyers, and help us keep our brand consistent?
They struggled, realizing they couldn’t fit all of those things into one person and would have to sacrifice some skills in order to gain others.
Enter Creative Noggin. Our clients spend a similar dollar amount on our partnership to what they would spend on salary and benefits for ONE in-house person. And instead gain a marketing powerhouse with a combination of expertise to support every facet of their marketing needs.

Why pay for one full time person who may know a little about a lot when you can hire a team, and utilize a fraction of time from extremely experienced:

  • Marketing and brand strategists
  • Digital marketing experts
  • Media planning gurus who know every medium you’ve ever heard of…and many you have not!
  • Creative branding experts
  • Stellar graphic designers
  • Creative writers who can craft and maintain a compelling brand voice
  • Public and media relations experts
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