GVTC is a small communications company with technology of which many large communication companies would be envious. They have served customers in the northern areas outside San Antonio’s outer loop 1604 for over half a century.

With roots as a communications cooperative, GVTC faced competition with deep pockets as the housing market began to rebound from the recession. It was important that loyal and prospective customers know that GVTC was not only still going strong, but that they had continued to develop their technology and had the most robust fiber optic network in South Central Texas.

Many communications companies had begun to jump on the fiber optics bandwagon, claiming a fiber network, when in all actually, only their backbone was fiber. Unless a network is truly end-to-end fiber optics, like that of GVTC, then a customer can’t actually take full advantage of the speeds that fiber optics make possible.


We developed a campaign geared towards touting GVTC fiber optic technology and educating consumers on why fiber from GVTC was the best available.

A combination of TV commercials, billboards and an ad campaign created greater awareness of the GVTC differentiators, as well as a larger demand for fiber optics in new communities.


Not only did the campaign increase demand for fiber optic services among consumers, but also within the builder community as new housing starts began to bubble again in the GVTC service area. No builder wanted to create a new community in the area without having the best communications technology available.