Heritage School was operating out of the upstairs of a church office when Creative Noggin first engaged with them. Although the K-12 grade school had been in existence for 10 years, it had not done much marketing and did not have a strong brand presence in the marketplace. The school tuition was in the highest bracket for the area and being located in Fredericksburg, Texas limited the pool of potential students. Heritage needed to differentiate itself and reach not only the local target audience, but also surrounding towns. All collateral had been internally generated and did not convey a character that matched the quality of the education. Additionally, they were on the cusp of conducting a multi-million dollar capital campaign to start building their own campus.


It was imperative that the brand match the sophistication and quality of the education without the pieces looking too ornate or “over-the-top.” A complete brand was developed for Heritage, including paper system, brochure, logos, newsletters, ad campaign, website, admission packet and capital campaign brochure. This cohesive look made it easier for donors to see the potential and for families to see the future.


The first year of their new brand began to lay the groundwork for future capital campaigning. Ads were well received and enrollment quickly gained momentum. By the third year of our collaboration, they were already building the new school campus. Today the school is thriving at its new 40-acre campus with additional buildings, an enrollment of approximately 200 and maintains an excellent reputation in the community.