San Antonio has long presented a competitive landscape within the health care industry. In 2009, Nix Health, the oldest privately owned health care system in San Antonio, sought a marketing partner who could help position them for success as they went head-to-head with the much larger health care systems.

Nix not only had a smaller marketing budget but also a smaller footprint within the community, so they needed to leverage the traits that set them apart in order to stand out from the crowd.


With the Baby Boomers approaching retirement age, and consumer scrutiny of our national health care environment at an all-time-high, there was never a better opportunity for Nix Health to differentiate themselves as a distinctive health care provider.

After conducting research to pinpoint the key attributes that made being a patient, and a physician, at Nix Health unique, we developed the brand platform of the “Small Giant,” with a less is more concept.

So many patients who had felt like a number or lost within the process at a larger health care system were able to experience “Uncommon Care,” our new tagline, at Nix Health.

The advertising focused on the smaller is better concept and helped create greater awareness and craft positive perceptions in the San Antonio market.


Awareness of Nix Health went up tremendously, and physician outreach was helped in terms of enhancing physician referrals to Nix physicians, as well as recruitment of new physicians to Nix Health.