Creative Noggin Rules Google!

Tracy Marlowe  |  March 6, 2009

Okay, so maybe Creative Noggin has NOT been named CEO and God of Google.  This, we must admit, is true.

But it was not too long ago that, if you searched the term "Creative Noggin" on Google, our firm, San Antonio's very own Creative Noggin, only occupied one of the ten slots on Google's first page of results.

Today???  We occupy all ten.

Now THAT is what you call SEO. 

We've been working hard and learning all we can about SEO and have been putting it into place for ourselves, whenever we've had time, between working on SEO for our clients.  And we're so proud to see that it's working. 

Just wait!  I can't wait until we occupy all ten of the second page!

Just give me a little more time...

by Tracy Marlowe

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