A Guide to Diversity in Marketing

Tracy Marlowe  |  May 10, 2024
In recent years, we've seen a growing emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in marketing. As a passionate marketer with over two decades of experience and being the CEO of a mission-driven marketing and advertising agency, I'm thrilled by this news. Our world, nations and communities are extremely diverse, and marketing teams are increasingly […]

7 Strategies for Marketing in a Downturn: How to Thrive, Not Simply Survive 

Tracy Marlowe  |  March 7, 2024
How can you keep your business afloat and even thrive during a downturn or recession? As someone who built a successful marketing agency in 2008, I’m happy to share the tried-and-true tips I’ve used for my business and my clients’ businesses.

The 6 Steps for Successful Media Buying 

Anel Hooper  |  February 5, 2024
Over 25 years ago, my journey in the advertising world began with my first job as an Ad Trafficker for a local TV station. I wrote weekly schedules for the station’s ad placements by hand. It wasn’t the most glamorous job, but I’m so grateful that it sowed the seed for my lifelong passion for […]

Healthcare Branding Agency

Creative Noggin  |  February 2, 2024
Your brand isn't just a logo or a catchy phrase; it's the embodiment of your identity as an organization. Partnering with a reputable agency who understands healthcare branding is essential to creating a compelling and evocative brand presence. In fact, choosing a the right healthcare branding agency can be one of the most impactful decisions […]

How a Small Texas Town Became “The New Aspen” Using Strategic Tourism Marketing

Tracy Marlowe  |  January 24, 2024
In my nearly 20 years of running my full-service marketing and branding agency Creative Noggin, I have often been asked which clients or projects stand out. Without fail, this question brings to mind the travel and tourism marketing program we put together for Fredericksburg, Texas—a destination we rebranded and marketed for over 14 years through […]

5 Benefits of Hiring an Ad Agency on Retainer

Terri Angelico  |  October 3, 2023
If you’re seeking outside help with your business’s marketing and advertising, you have several options. You could work with a freelancer, hire a marketing generalist, or hire an agency. Within the agency realm, there are several types of engagements to choose from. Some of these include hiring an agency on a project, commission, or retainer basis.

A Fresh New Brand for Premier

Creative Noggin  |  May 26, 2023
Over recent years, the company’s branding had become outdated and no longer reflected its identity, reputation, and objectives. In particular, Premier’s branding needed to align with its emphasis on innovation.

Top Sacramento Branding Agency

Creative Noggin  |  February 16, 2023
When it comes to marketing, advertising, and branding, competition is fierce. Nowhere is this more true than in California, the world's fifth-largest economy. As a trusted Sacramento branding agency, let's explore what to look for in an agency and why local brands partner with Creative Noggin. Your brand is who you are. Branding isn't just […]

How does inflation affect your marketing efforts?

Tina Mailhot-Roberge  |  February 1, 2023
These are strange times for many businesses contending with the repercussions of a post-pandemic world, including consumer behavior shifts and the economic impacts of rising inflation.

Top 4 Tips for Crushing the Presentation

Trish McCabe Rawls  |  December 3, 2021
We know how wildly demanding presentations can be, inside the Advertising industry and across all communication fields. Presentations might be our equivalent of “the big game,” and it’s time we treat it as such. Whether it be a new business pitch or your regular quarterly client review, these moments give your team and organization a […]
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