Seth Godin knows it's all about trust

Tracy Marlowe  |  June 19, 2009

I was just reading Seth Godin's current blog post about "Two ways to build trust."    As I read it, I kept saying to myself, "Uh huh!  Yes!  Yeah!  Oh, that's so true!"

He hit home on a very simple concept that seems fairly common sense, yet there are still so many companies out there who just don't get the point.

Let me give you the gist.

As consumers, we are more likely to do business with companies we trust, right?

Of course, you say.  That's an easy answer.

Well then why is it that there are still so many companies out there who aren't up front with the core information that consumers are looking for?  Whose websites make you jump through hoops to find out price, to fill out forms to gather basic information that should be right up front, who try to use bells and whistles, with gimmicky marketing to try and get your business.

What does that do?  It puts you on the defense.  It makes you feel cautious.  And from my experience, less likely to engage.

As consumers we just want the basic information that we are looking for on products and services given in a forthright, upfront and informative manner.  It should be easy to find.  Easy to read.  Easy to share.  And easy to get back to.

Divulge a little.  You don't have to give away the farm!  But it should be enough to show your consumer the nature of your company, your products and services, and that you truly care about their business and aren't going to put them through the old fashioned used car salesman selling cycle when they finally decide to engage with you.

And guess what.  If you make it easy and develop a trust with your customer...they'll tell all their friends about it and help your business tenfold.

It's not enough to have great products and smart business practices.  If you put your customers on the defense right from the start and don't seem human and like you care, they're going to go someplace else.

It's as simple as that.

by Tracy Marlowe

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