Foundation Surgical Hospital brings MAKOplasty to San Antonio

Tracy Marlowe  |  June 23, 2009

Fair warning!  Here I go again talking about how fabulous one of our clients is.  But that's one of the benefits of owning your own company.  You get to choose who you work with and we choose to work with fabulous people and companies!  So there!

One of our wonderful clients has recently commissioned us to help them announce the news of a new medical Foundation Surgical Hospital of San Antoniotechnology that they are bringing to San Antonio.  It's really amazing and is going to revolutionize knee surgery for folks who are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee.

Many of these individuals have been told by their doctors that the only solution for them is a full knee replacement.  A large percent put this surgery off because they are anxious about the down time that such a surgery requires.  The pain is significant, the recovery time long and they have to undergo a great deal of physical therapy.  Not fun.

This new surgery, MAKOplasty, allows their surgeon to plan the surgery to their specific anatomy, removing only the diseased bone and tissue rather than the entire knee using robotic arm technology.  The entire surgery is completed through a keyhole incision, rather than the typical, larger incision required for a full knee replacement.  This less-invasive procedure means the patient has less scarring, less pain and a much shorter recovery time.  Many patients are up and walking by the end of the day that their surgery is performed.  That's incredible!

Another benefit is that, since less tissue and bone is removed with a much smaller implant, the patient has a much more natural feeling knee after surgery.  Most are back to their regular activites within a matter of weeks.

Foundation Surgical Hospital of San Antonio is the first hospital to bring this revolutionary surgical technology to San Antonio and South  Texas.  Their sister hospital in Houston was actually the first to bring it to Texas after hearing about the national success of MAKO Surgical Corp, who invented the technology.  The medical and patient community in Houston embraced this technology when they saw the incredible results that patients were enjoying and the hospital received local, statewide and national media exposure.  They have now completed well over 200 MAKOplasty surgeries in Houston over the past year.

Our client, Foundation Surgical Hospital of San Antonio, prides itself on offering its patients only the best technology so decided to make the investment to bring a MAKOplasty robot to San Antonio so that patients here could enjoy the same results.

The technology is still brand new to San Antonio, but local surgeons are excited about the prospects that it brings for their patients.

To support out client in announcing the introduction of MAKOplasty to San Antonio, Creative Noggin will embark upon a public relations campaign to let local media know about the new cutting edge surgery.  We also have outdoor boards posted on Loop 410 and IH10 West with the URL  Also, stay on the lookout for an ad campaign in the Express-News, San Antonio Magazine and SA Woman.

We can't say enough good things about this client.  They are truly committed to doing the best for their patients.  Their incredible facility (the nicest hospital I have ever been in, void of that oh-so-endearing hospital smell we all know) boasts 20 suites for their patients and their friends/family to enjoy during their stay, the high nurse-to-patient ratio and commitment of the nurses ensures the highest quality of care and the dedication to the best technology and the state-of-the-art operating arenas allow San Antonio's best surgeons to provide their patients with the best technology available for treatment.

If I need surgery, I can tell you...this is where I'm going!

by Tracy Marlowe

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