How Creative is your Noggin? We're looking for a Digital Marketing Manager.

Tracy Marlowe  |  December 16, 2014

Creative Noggin is seeking a full time Digital Marketing Manager at The Digital Hyve to lead the strategy development and delivery of digital marketing campaigns for agency clients like heater repairs, handymen, we do plumber advertising, roofers, builders and so on, to include various audiences across multiple digital channels. These channels include web content, mobile, email, SEM, SEO, social media and onsite experience.

The Digital Marketing Manager will work closely with:

  1. Account Service team, which will provide overall marketing strategy,Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Client/Creative/Account Service to develop content,
  3. Creative team to ensure efforts align with the campaign vision.

Expectations include:

  • Provide functional expertise, best practices and recommendations regarding the execution of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Apply expertise to demonstrate how digital communications can improve the reach and enhance effectiveness of marketing campaign.
  • Manage content development and delivery across multiple web sites, social media and other digital channels, to include paid content promotion and digital advertising.
  • Learn more about analytics and performance metrics to ensure we create and measure, analyze and optimize marketing related content performance in the various digital communication channels, and provide insights and key learnings to affiliated teams.
  • Partner with Account Service team on the management and evolution of digital branding elements that are incorporated across all client properties and assets, as well as Creative Noggin digital marketing assets.
  • Contribute to thought leadership for client and Creative Noggin digital communications strategy.
  • Ensure appropriate planning and resources are in place to accomplish goals.
  • Ensure digital communication projects/programs are executed with success metrics in mind as well as within timeline and budget parameters.

Knowledge in the following areas will be necessary:

  • Social media channels—strategy, voice development, content creation, creating engagement with key markets
  • SEO—will need to know/learn how to research keywords and integrate into on-site content, front and backend
  • SEM—marketing a website through advertising, to include pay-per-click, digital advertising, remarketing
  • Paid and non-paid content promotion
  • On-site engagement areas—how to strategize when you create a site how to create areas that will provide an opportunity for re-engagement of a visitor; reasons for them to stay on the site, make it “sticky” and for them to come back
  • Analytics—visitation and conversion; how to get people there, where are they coming from, are they the right people, are they converting, and why/why not

Day-to-day functions/tasks will include not only strategy development, but also hands-on implementation and measurement of strategies.  (i.e. we want someone who can DO, not just plan)

Creative Noggin is an award-winning agency who has had recognition in Communications Arts for their unique virtual business model.  Benefits include:

  • Work from home
  • Full benefits: health insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits, holidays, PTO
  • Friendly, fun and flexible work environment

Pay commensurate with experience.  The only candidates interviewed will be able to demonstrate:

  • 5-7 years relevant work experience, ideally working in an agency setting (although not required)
  • Specific hands-on experience with illustratable success in digital marketing
  • Ability to collaborate well with a team
  • Creative development and promotion of digital content
  • Ability to identify marketing goals, develop a marketing strategy and tactics to obtain goals, implement and measure effectiveness of strategy during implementation and then make adjustments as needed based upon metrics

If you feel like you would be a good fit for our team, please send a cover letter, resume, three case studies you feel are relevant to this position and salary requirements to

No phone calls, please.


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