Marketing During a Global Crisis: Do's and Don'ts

Tracy Marlowe  |  March 18, 2020

Many business owners and managers right now are so focused on how they can keep their businesses afloat and their teams working that marketing planning and strategy has moved to the back burner.  Or been cut out completely.

In this video, CEO of Creative Noggin, Tracy Marlowe, shares many of the tips the agency is sharing with their clients on how to approach marketing communications in the midst of a global pandemic.

It includes advice on:

  1. What NOT to do
  2. How to build trust with your consumers
  3. The importance of authenticity
  4. How to dig deep and connect with your audiences

If you have additional questions after watching this video, please feel free to visit our Facebook page and post your comments and questions there.  We'll be happy to answer.  Now it is more important than ever to support one another as we all navigate these new waters.  We hope you find this video helpful.




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