Patagonia Proves Creative Brand Advertising Does Work!

Tracy Marlowe  |  August 29, 2013

patagonia don't buy jacket ad

Who says advertising doesn't work?  Patagonia, maker of high-end outdoors apparel, has proven that a creative campaign can work wonders.  (And that the wonders of reverse psychology still work!)

After launching a campaign last year, which ran for nine months, pleading with consumers to "Buy Less" their sales actually increased by one-third and they saw 14 new store openings.

For more information about the campaign, visit this link at

The campaign is pretty well inspired and is an example of branding at it's finest.  Patagonia's positioning as a tree hugging, planet friendly company was hugely bolstered by the campaign which encouraged consumers to buy used attire when possible, to help lessen your carbon footprint on the Earth.  The result?  The sale of $158 million dollars worth of new apparel.

Brilliant, if you ask me.


--Tracy Marlowe

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