Episode 1: Dominating Local Search for Business With Sarah Snyder-Castañeda

Creative Noggin  |  October 2, 2018

local search for business

Originally a print journalist, Sarah shifted into local search optimization for businesses when she saw the opportunity unfold as search technology evolved. She knew she could leverage her writing skills and curiosity to learn new technologies quickly and help businesses navigate the often confusing world of SEO.

Sarah shares why content isn't always king and how to make sure you're creating the type of content that moves the needle. She also gives some tips on leveraging free tools such as Google My Business and Google Posts to rank higher than local competitors. Heather and Sarah also talk about how voice search is becoming more relevant and why businesses want to get in front of this while they're trying to boost their online presence.


  • Is content really king?
  • What's going on with voice search and why should businesses care?
  • What are Google Posts and how can businesses benefit?


About The Podcast
On the Creative Noggin podcast, Senior Communications Specialist Heather Rosenquist interviews our in-house specialists on all things agency news, marketing and advertising. Over the last 20 years, Heather has worked as a copywriter, creative director, social media content creator and strategist for advertising agencies across Texas.

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