Have you seen that Spectrum "Fiesta" Spot?

Creative Noggin  |  September 12, 2017

San Antonio is known for its unique culture and ties to Latin America and Spain. And seeing that the River City’s population is 62.7% Hispanic, everyone that calls San Antonio home is exposed to a fair share of Hispanic advertising. Here at Creative Noggin, we’re not only exposed to it, but we regularly create Hispanic advertising campaigns. All the more reason we’re having a hard time believing this cringeworthy Spectrum spot exists.

For those who haven’t seen it, I’d like for you to participate in a little exercise. When you think of the Hispanic market, I want you to think of all the possible stereotypes that you can come up with and make a mental list. OK? Got it?

Did it look something like:

Bouncing lowriders? Selena-lookalikes? Sexy salsa dancers? Street parties? Face-painted flags?

Guess what, it’s all here!

The agency responsible for this strategic misfire isn’t easily found with a simple Google search. It could possibly be a spot created by Spectrum’s internal marketing department. But whoever created it, they should know that it reeks of an outsider’s view looking-in. Fiesta wants to hit the Hispanic demographic with blunt force, forgetting the charm and persuasiveness of nuance.

“Ruben Navarrette Jr., a syndicated columnist, has written that respect is the single most important aspect to reaching Hispanic hearts and minds,” according to the New York Times. And at the heart of the issue, Fiesta lacks that very thing.

If you think we’re alone with this criticism, do a quick Twitter search for #spectrumfiesta.

Now, I’m not knocking them for the earworm catchiness of the tune or the many, many times they repeat their phone number – that’s all part of the advertising game. What I am knocking it for, is the one-sided, tone-deaf and frankly, culturally insensitive notion of what appeals to the majority of San Antonio’s population.

You can do better than this, Spectrum. And we deserve better.

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