Top 5 Overused Cheesy Stock Photos You Should NEVER Use

Tracy Marlowe  |  March 23, 2015

Although we prefer to use original, professional photography for clients, budgets don't always allow us to concept our own images.  The alternative?  Stock photography.

If you are finding yourself searching for unique stock photos, please do not use these photos (or any similar).  They are overused and (cringe) they are super cheesy.

1. The Handshake








Seriously....don't use this photo!!!  Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy!  'Nuff said.

2. Happy and diverse business meeting

awesome cheesy meeting








"This meeting rocks!"  Yes it does, because people in a business meeting always represent a nice mix of races and genders...which makes them SO happy.  Awkward!

3.  The oh-so-friendly customer service representative

bad stock photo friendly customer service rep







She just can't WAIT to take your call.  Gosh, she's so friendly.  I love that she's at least shoulder to shoulder with a bazillion other reps (who strangely don't have the same headset) whom you will hear in the background when you talk with her.  And you'll find yourself trying to eavesdrop on THEIR calls and pondering whether these other customers sat on hold for 47 minutes and are now wishing they could gouge their own eyes out.

4. The BIG idea

bad oversued stock photos the big idea










Ah, yes, we in the business world area always writing our BIG ideas up on whiteboards for all to see.  You should totally use this image on  your website to show how forward thinking you are....NOT!

5. The look of supreme surprise--with room to the side for your headline!

bad stock photo surprised face










If I see another surprised face on a postcard, billboard or ad, I think I may need to commit myself into the advertising nut house.  No.  No.  NO!!!


bad stock photo Businessman on the field






Okay, this one just cracked me up so I had to pull it.  Who is using this photo in their marketing?  "The hills are alive....with the sound of spreadsheets!!!  LA LA LA LAH!!!!"

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