Top Trade Secrets for Working from Home

Creative Noggin  |  November 12, 2018

One of the largest benefits of working at Creative Noggin is that we are a 100% virtual branding, marketing and communications agency. Having a virtual or home office is wonderful for our employee work/life balance, but there are obviously distractions that come with working remotely. So how do we do it? Everyone has their secrets that make it work efficiently and effectively. If you’re someone that has the benefit of working remotely or are looking to make that kind of transition, here are some tried and true tips from some of our seasoned virtual veterans.

  • Trish Rawls/CCO and Founder: I've always found that it’s important to have a SEPARATE office that you can leave and completely close off or not see when you're done. Separating your work environment from your home environment helps to maintain a good work/life balance.
  • Jill Byrd/Senior PR Account Supervisor: Set a daily morning routine and stick to it.  This helps me get up, get moving and stay on task regardless of what the day entails.
  • Erica Mendez/Account Coordinator: I don't see my house as a house - I consider it my place of work. Sure, I get to stay in my PJs all day, but the rest of it I treat as a real place of work.
  • Brooke Haley/Account Supervisor: It’s important to have a comfortable and pleasing workspace. Since you are able to make it your own, make it a place you enjoy being. Brooke Haley/ Account Supervisor
  • Nanette Rodriguez/Traffic Manager: For me it’s staying accountable not only to God but to my employer. If HE and Tracy and Trish are faithful and loyal in blessing me… how can I not be in return with my work and talents?
  • Terri Angelico/Account Supervisor: Have a designated spot in the house where you "go to work".  That helps you mentally be at work and leave work each day. Also, don't wear shoes:) Terri Angelico/ Account Supervisor
  • Sarah Snyder/Digital Marketing Specialist: My secret is compartmentalizing work and home. While working remotely gives me the flexibility to blend work and life better, I still want to keep work at work and home at home. Color-coding calendar blocking on Google Calendar helps navigate the day-to-day gear shifting.
  • Heather Rosenquist/Copywriter and Social Media Specialist: Being out of my own space can often help me concentrate better. If I have a really big project or deadline, I’ll often go to a co-working space like The Impact Guild. Or if I’m in a pinch, I’ll head to Starbucks for their fast WiFi and non-distracting noise and bustle.
  •  Anel Hooper/Media Planner and Buyer: My kids are all in school, so I turn on the TV to cartoons so I can have white noise in the background.  It helps me not be so lonely when no one else is home!  The dogs like watching cartoons anyway!
  • Kim Hubbeling/Production Manager: Wireless headphones and binge-watching (well, binge-listening) undemanding crime series on Netflix. I can tell what’s going on without looking, and tune in and out because I’m not very invested. My wireless headphones help keep me focused, in a little bit of a bubble, even when I step away from my desk for a break.  
  • Amanda Davila/Senior Account Executive: Having the flexibility and accountability to do work from anywhere means that first and foremost, I must prioritize. It can be easy in an independent environment to fall into distractions – both professionally and personally -  so prioritizing allows tasks and projects to get completed in an organized, timely and effective fashion.

Now that you’ve heard from our team, we’re interested in hearing from you! Is there something we haven’t listed that is your trick of the trade? Even if you’re not virtual, do you have something you do to help you stay focused and productive?

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