Two Industry Weeks in One: We've Got This

Tracy Marlowe  |  May 20, 2015

May has been a busy month for Creative Noggin. Two of our clients celebrated the honorary weeks recognized in their industries – in the same week, of course. And we said, “Game on!”

National Travel and Tourism Week: May 2-10, 2015

creative noggin - zombie prom queensThe Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau celebrated National Travel and Tourism Week with a prom-themed bowl-a-thon on the evening of Tuesday, May 5. With prizes for the best-dressed teams at stake, we tapped our creative noggins. Seventies prom? Antebellum prom? No, wait! Zombie prom. Yes, that’s it.

Using Fredericksburg’s best make-up artist, Sunshine the Clown from Old Thyme Fun Shop on Main Street, we gussied up with grey face paint, black teeth, glitter blood and tiaras (we had to have some bling) and transformed into zombie prom queens. We then clawed our way into BB’s Bowling Center in Fredericksburg and into the hearts (and brains) of the judges.

Although the ankle-length dresses trumped our bowling score (you believe that, right?), our team of walking dead snagged the prize for best costumes. We can’t wait to visit Fredericksburg again—this time as flip flopped, Bermuda-shorted visitors—and cash in on our cooking demonstration and wine testing prize. We still have an appetite for brain food.

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, May 4-10, 2015
National Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2015

Clarity Child Guidance Center, sponsor of the advocacy campaign One in Five Minds, held a surprise installation and press conference in downtown San Antonio the very next morning, Wednesday, May 6, to recognize National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

Despite the rain forecast, the sun rose bright and early for us former zombies. We joined a team of more than a dozen volunteers to plant 3,000 pinwheels in Alamo Plaza for the aptly named Pinwheels for Hope installation.

Why pinwheels? A pinwheel inspires profound ideas such as childhood innocence, unseen energy, wish fulfillment and transformation. Everything we could want for a child, especially the one in five children suffering from mental illness in Bexar County. To symbolize these one in five children, every fifth pinwheel among a field of blue pinwheels was the color of sunshine. The color of hope.

At 2 p.m., the event culminated in a press conference featuring speakers who advocate for children’s mental health to include Judge Nelson Wolff, Justice Luz Elena Chapa, Dr. Steven Pliszka of UT Health Science Center, and Fred Hines of Clarity Child Guidance Center.

This was one of the first major public relations events and press conferences planned and coordinated by Creative Noggin. It received coverage from San Antonio Express-News, Time Warner Cable News, Univision 41 and sister stations WOAI News 4 San Antonio, KABB FOX 29, and News Radio 1200 WOAI.

It was hours of work, but we managed to keep our prom queen attitudes in check. And our Maynicures for Mental Health intact.

So, clients, who’s next? We’re ready and waiting to help you celebrate your industry week.

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