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Creative Noggin  |  April 11, 2024

Effective ads aren’t just pretty to look at. They drive your business’s success. Looking for the best creative marketing agency? You'll find top-notch creative execution and high-ROI ad campaigns right here at Creative Noggin.

Let's explore why savvy leaders partner with Creative Noggin as their creative marketing agency.

Lead With Authenticity

Great marketing starts with great branding. At Creative Noggin, a crucial element in any brand we create or steward is authenticity.

In a world saturated with marketing noise, authenticity is the key to forging genuine connections with your audience. That's why our unique branding approach, Real Branding™, is far from superficial. Instead, we dig deep to uncover the true essence of your organization—what sets you apart from competitors, why are you unique, your brand's personality, and the values that resonate with your audience. By delving deep into these elements, we craft a brand that is uniquely tailored to your identity, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Our Advertising Process

Once you have an established brand, we develop campaigns to drive awareness, preference and engagement. This is where we stand out as a creative marketing agency. We don't just put together pretty ads. We do the research to develop and optimize creative marketing campaigns that drive action.

Here's a peek at our process:

  1. Research – We cultivate a deep understanding of your industry, brand, and audience.
  2. Strategize – We recommend your ideal mediums and targeting options based on your audience, goals, and budget.
  3. Create ads – We craft ads that capture your brand while centering on your audience's needs and desires.
  4. Execute – Your ads are live! We can handle your digital marketing as well as your media planning and placement.
  5. Optimize – We monitor your spend and results, optimizing to help maximize your ad's ROI, and report on our results.

Our Veteran Media Buyers Get Your Ads Seen

As a full-service agency, we function as our clients' outsourced marketing department or as an extension of their existing marketing department, including media buying.

Our savvy, well-connected media planners will maximize
the impact and ROI of your media plan, getting your ads seen by the right people at the right time. This includes:

  • Leveraging expertise – Nothing against newbies, but in media, experience matters. The best way to know if that persuasive media sales rep is actually offering a fair deal is by having extensive experience. From traditional media to digital media to out-of-home advertising, our media planners can distinguish between a great deal, an okay deal, and a lackluster deal. Most clients that come to us who were buying media direct were paying WAY more than they should have or buying the wrong mediums to reach their markets. It really helps to know all the options out there, what pricing should be and what to ask for.
  • Strong negotiation – Our media planners are data-driven and know the media inside out. That means better strategy and strong negotiation on your behalf. (Hello, added value!)
  • A broad range of experience – Whether you have a small media budget or a huge one, don't worry. Our team has an extensive background in planning everything from small local buys
to national and global multimillion-dollar campaigns.

Case Study: SOMOS

SOMOS is a multi-cultural healthcare initiative designed to inspire Chinese and Latino immigrants in New York City to seek the medical care they need for themselves and their families.

SOMOS consulted us because many Latino, Caribbean, and Chinese immigrants in New York City were not accessing healthcare, even when in dire need of medical services. We learned through our own research that in many cases the individuals were concerned that the U.S. healthcare system was overwhelming and that providers would not speak their language. However, the boroughs were full of doctors who lived within their neighborhoods and spoke their language.

Our highly targeted ad campaign included out-of-home, print, digital, social media, and radio, and reached into the neighborhoods of these target markets. The campaign creative addressed their core concerns and needs. Crucially, we featured familiar-looking people in familiar neighborhood landmarks to help them understand and feel that healthcare was an attainable and trustworthy part of their community.

Our full range of services for SOMOS included:

  • Branding
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Strategic Planning & Counsel
  • Digital Marketing
  • Visual Identity & Collateral Design
  • Campaign Creative & Production
  • Photography
  • Hispanic/Chinese Multicultural Marketing

Through a well-researched multilingual marketing campaign, we successfully raised awareness that culturally competent medical providers who spoke these individuals' languages were there to help.

Like what you see? Schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with our experts.

Case Study: Fredericksburg

Airport display ad placement by the best creative ad agency for U.S. organizations

Located in the heart of Texas Wine Country, Fredericksburg is a charming small town with an abundance of Texas heart and German soul.

When Fredericksburg first became our client, the city was looking to expand its visitor demographics from primarily baby boomers to include younger travelers with sophisticated tastes. They sought out the best creative ad agency, and we were much obliged when they reached out to us. We saw an opportunity to leverage the city's historical charm and German heritage while also spotlighting new attractions such as high-end retail, fine dining, vineyards, and wineries.

After a thorough discovery process, we refreshed Fredericksburg's brand (including their logo, photography, copy voice, and more) and began creating quality-over-quantity ads. We then negotiated a powerful, laser-targeted media plan directly with themed messaging to drive visitation year-round.

As Fredericksburg's full-service marketing partner, our services included:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Strategic Planning & Counsel
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media (Paid)
  • Visual Identity & Collateral Design
  • Campaign Creative & Production
  • Photography & Video Production

With our help, over time Fredericksburg achieved:

  • +282% increase in yearly HOT tax collections
  • +206% increase in yearly visitor travel spending
  • +1,086% increase in annual unique website visitors

Before our partnership began, the city was primarily known as a day-trip antiquing destination. Now, it's the U.S.’s 2nd most-traveled wine destination and has been hailed as "the new Aspen."

Here is what our client had to say:

"Creative Noggin has provided creative work, advertising placement, printing oversight, photography and video production for the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau for over 10 years now. With their assistance, the hospitality industry in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County has experienced tremendous growth."

– Ernie Loeffler, President/CEO, Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau

Who We Are

The Creative Noggin team, a Sacramento branding agency

Now, you've seen some of our work. But who is Creative Noggin? We're not just any creative marketing agency.

We're a woman-led team of experienced, passionate branding and marketing professionals who "get it." Since 2001, we've served as our clients' marketing dream team for short-term engagements like branding and rebranding, as well as long-term relationships as an outsourced marketing department.

Our mission: To empower smart, passionate women to enjoy their work and life. And we've seen how creating a culture that supports women benefits not only our organization but also our clients.

We are fully remote and most of our team is located in and around Sacramento, California and San Antonio, Texas. We serve clients nationwide.

Looking for the Best Creative Marketing Agency? Let's Get Started.

The number one element to consider when choosing the best creative marketing agency for you is experience. We have a proven track record of taking organizations from many industries to new heights. When it comes to authentic, data-driven advertising, we are here to help.

Let's see if we're an outstanding fit. Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute strategy call.

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